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357 Magnum AF

357 Magnum (re-selected by Ghost Farm for cropland cultivation in North Africa), also known simply as Magnum is a rare uniformly balanced hybrid(50%indica/50% sativa) created by the mysterious crossing of powerful sativa and indica strains and a touch of Ruderalis.

It is rumoured to be a mix of OG Kush and AK 47, although nobody can say for certain due to the secret being kept by the parent company.

Given its Ruderalis genetic heritage, the THC level of Magnum is an average level for auto-flowering plants between 10-15%.

The high produced by this strain doesn’t really follow the rules and its a mix of relaxing and elevating effects, which could leave satisfied and cradled.

The peak of the high starts with an elevating and happy feeling and a light boost of energy that instills in you creativity.

Under the effect of the high you will be talkative and outgoing readily reacting to jokes and socializing with ease.

Together with its cerebral high, you will experience a slow relaxation of the body nevertheless you will feel at ease and you won’t be gripped by any sedative effect that will cause you to be “blocked on the couch”.

Thanks to these soft effects Magnum is excellent for the treatment of depression, social anxiety,stress, nausea and loos of appetite.

Magnum’s appearance is fairly overwhelming, its buds are covered with a blinding powder full of light hair-like strands and trichomes.

The fragrance and flavour of this strain compensate for its grim appearance blending together the rich scent of flowers with a fresh fragrance of pine.

357 Magnum is a top quality strain of mysterious origins, powerful varieties of Ruderalis indica and sativa have been used to create this auto-flowering hybrid. This plant will burst with branches during its growth and will yield high quantities of spice-scented blossoms.

Magnum takes the best out of its sativa genetic heritage regarding the effects, providing euphoria and laughter.

Auto-flowering hybrid.

Difficulty: easy Yield: High Flowering: 80-90 days from germination to harvest.

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3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds


Energetic 10, happy 9, euphoric 8, Creative 8

Medical use

Stress 10, Ocular pressure 8 ! Pain 6, Insomnia 6

357 Magnum AF

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