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Sweet O.G.

A mix between Sweet Tooth, winner of the High Times Cup 2001, and OG Kush results in Sweet OG, a strain so strong it should be sold with a warning on its package.

This powerful strain, with a THC content of up to 23%, isn’t recommended to beginners. Be mindful to the dosage before consuming in order to avoid any form of hyper-activity or paranoia especially for those more sensitive towards these effects

Ghost Farm’s Sweet OG is a remarkable example of this amazing strain.

It has a dense and lush foliage with an impressive production of flowers, as expected, it has a sweet aroma reminiscent of Kiwi fruit.

It’s amazing how the white crystal trichomes glitter just as light reflecting on a mirror.

The smoke is dense and zesty and it forms fluid shapes.

Euphoria sets in quickly with a cerebral charge which spreads all over the body making you stretch your muscles in an internal feeling of mellowness, yet the high is euphoric and not particularly recommended for patients suffering from anxiety or paranoia; on the other hand it’s perfect for stress, pains depression or loss of appetite as you will raid your fridge every time you use it.

Difficulty: High   Yield: medium  Flowering: 9 weeks

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3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds


Relaxing 10, Uplifting 9, Euphoric 9, Sedative 8, Creative 6

Medical use

Stress 10, Fatigue 10, Depression 8, Loss of appetite 8, Migraine 6

Sweet O.G.

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