Tropical Gasolio



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Tropical Gasolio

This is a hybrid strain obtaining by the crossbreeding of Mendocino Hash Plant, Bid Bud , Kali Mist and Chemdawg. It’s 60% sativa and 40% indica and has an incredible zip.

This hybrid strain,the result of the union of such great names, will lead the average consumer to a shake-up of his or hers days, in a whirl of euphoria and light-heartedness which is unique to this strain.

The fruity flavour intertwines with the balsamic and citrusy diesel one as if a fruit truck was crashing into a petrol station as you were filling up your car.

The flowering period for this plant is around 10 weeks and has a good yield of around 400 to 600g for square metre.

It produces long dense and sticky buds, these are green with purple hues. The leaves are long, intensely green with purple hues.

The level of THC is very high, although the exact content is unknown. It gives a very strong high making you feel lively, euphoric, happy, lazy and relieved. This strain is excellent to ease ones nerves and alleviate stress or depression. Moreover, patients suffering from insomnia may use it to aid their sleep during the night.

Origins: Killing Garberville, Seattle Big Bud and Mendicino Hash Plant. Flowering: 9 weeks

Difficulty: medium Yield: medium-high Flavours: berry, pine, spicy hot, sweet.

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3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds


Relaxing 9, Happy 9, Hungry 8, Sedative 8

Medical use

Stress 10, Pain 9,5, Insomnia 9, Loss of appetite 8, Nausea 8

Tropical Gasolio

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